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Vol 13 No 3: August 2024 (in progress)
Published: 2024-07-17


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Jurnal Nasional Teknik Elektro dan Teknologi Informasi is an open-access and peer-reviewed journal that publishes research findings and disseminates in-depth studies on electrical engineering and information technology. We cover the scopes of information technology; power systems; signals, systems, and electronics; and communication systems. A strong preference is given to research that demonstrates novelty, originality, and recent contributions to these fields and scopes, as well as contributes to society.

Jurnal Nasional Teknik Elektro dan Teknologi Informasi is published by the Department of Electrical and Information Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Gadjah Mada, with the registered ISSN numbers 2301-4156 (print) and 2460-5719 (online). It is published quarterly (in February, May, August, and November) in both Indonesian and English.


DOI 10.22146/jnteti